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Top 5 Construction Site Safety Hazards

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Construction Law, Personal injury |

Top 5 Construction Site Safety Hazards

Florida’s construction industry is in a tight spot right now. With high demand, low workforce supply and a squeeze on materials costs, developers and contractors are feeling the pressure to complete projects on time and on budget. Unfortunately, the pressure to produce on demand can lead to a drop in construction site safety. If you are a project manager or you work on a construction site, you may be tempted to cut corners to meet completion dates.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has actually noticed an uptick in worker fatalities related directly to construction site safety hazards. As part of a campaign to promote workplace safety, it is rolling out a series of safety initiatives for employers and employees a like.

Last week we discussed the recent rise of struck-by incidents among construction workers, especially during road work. This week, we’re talking about the top five construction site safety hazards.


While struck-by incidents have recently been on the rise, injury caused by falls may be the most common of all construction site safety hazards. Falls consistently rank as one of the leading causes of workplace injury year-over-year. Falls can happen in any workplace, but if you work on a construction site you’re naturally exposed to more risks.

Struck-by Occurrences

Whether you’re working on a busy interstate or performing underwater welding, the danger of getting struck by an object on a construction site is a common occurrence. And alarmingly, it seems to be on the rise.


Anyone working with live electricity knows the dangers. However, risk of electrocution remains a common safety hazard for construction workers. Often, injuries and fatalities from electrocution occur due to a breakdown in communication on the job site.


If you’re not in the construction industry, trenching occurs when a worker is caught in-between an object when a construction trench collapses.

Exposure to Hazardous Materials

On many construction sites, you may be dealing with or exposed to hazardous chemicals or materials. While most of these are controlled risks, sometimes an unidentified leak or spill can cause undue exposure.

Preventing Construction Site Safety Hazards

While you can’t eliminate all the risks from a construction site, many of these common hazards can be mitigated. The sad fact is, employer negligence is often found to be the cause of common construction site hazards.

If you adhere to safety regulations and procedures, many of the accidents stemming from these risks can be prevented.

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