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There Is No Such Thing As A Small Legal Matter

When facing a legal problem, there is often more on the line than what appears on the legal briefs. Your loved one’s personal injury suffered in a car accident may become a life-altering event. Your company’s dispute with a supplier or contractor may turn financially devastating to your bottom line. The deal you signed with a general contractor could make or break your projected development plans.

The Right Outcome Is In The Details

At Wolfe Law, in Tampa, I know there is no such thing as a “minor” legal problem. And that means there is no such thing as dodging the details. I vigorously investigate the cases I handle and vigorously prepare for effective, successful representation. Working with a team of independent professionals when necessary, I do everything possible to resolve matters out of court, but I come to the negotiating table with a strong record of winning in court, in the event trial becomes necessary.

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I have built my firm’s reputation by listening first, then getting to work. Call or contact my office to arrange an opportunity to meet to discuss your legal matter. From offices in Tampa, Wolfe Law represents clients in cases throughout Florida.

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