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Liability Unclear in Venus Williams Wrongful Death Suit

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Liability Unclear in Venus Williams Wrongful Death Suit

Venus Williams involved in a wrongful death suit

In a high-profile case, tennis star Venus Williams is in the midst of a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit for auto negligence.

In June, the tennis player was involved in car accident with an elderly couple at an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens. The accident proved fatal for the passenger of the other car, who succumbed to his injuries a couple weeks later. The man’s wife, who had been driving, has brought the suit against Williams.

This case is not only high-profile due to Ms. William’s involvement, but also due to the uncertainty over who is liable for the death. Recent body cam footage from the first-responding officer and surrounding security footage casts further uncertainty over the case.

Is it a case of auto negligence?

The case seemed to be open-and-shut at first, with fault lying with Ms. Williams. However, recently released security footage show Ms. Williams legally entering the intersection where the accident occurred. Her situation was affected – it seems – by another vehicle Additionally in countering the suit, Ms. Williams’ attorney has stated that the couple were not wearing seat-belts.

The case is further complicated, due to the fact the that officer on scene can not definitively state that Ms. Williams caused the accident. Body cam footage shows the officer telling her that, while she may be at fault, he was not 100 percent sure. Ms. Williams was free to leave the scene without a citation or written arrest.

Currently, the case is still under investigation, but it will require a serious consideration of Florida’s current wrongful death statutes and auto negligence.

Until all the facts are clear, liability is up in the air.


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