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Resolving Complex Disputes

Last updated on March 8, 2021

Successful business owners and executives know that nothing will be more of a drain on operational success than a serious dispute with a customer, a supplier, a distributor or an employee.

Wolfe Law Tampa PLLC has earned a reputation for in-depth understanding of the issues that lead to commercial disputes, to apply effective strategies for resolving matters cost-effectively, without the expense of trial whenever possible.

Resolving Disputes Outside Of Court Whenever Possible

I work closely with my clients and communicate clearly at every major turning point in their case. When it is time to make a decision about reaching a settlement, you will be informed with a full cost-benefit analysis.

But Never Afraid To Take A Case To Trial

There will be times occasionally, when taking your case in front of a judge may be the only way to protect your financial interests and reputation. I am a successful trial attorney with a recognized name in the Tampa metro area. I prepare thoroughly and have a successful history of winning in trials.

Resolve Disputes Before They Become Lawsuits

If you are involved in a dispute, or are concerned about an issue rising to the level of a lawsuit, it’s time to sit down to discuss your options for finding the right resolution.

Call my offices at 813-803-0022 or contact me by email with a brief explanation of your situation. I’ll schedule a consultation as soon as possible.