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Placing And Removing Liens To Protect Your Interests

Last updated on March 8, 2021

Disputes and litigation are common in all types of construction projects. One of the most common remedies for lack of payment is a construction lien. However, whether you are trying to file a lien or defend against one, there are significant challenges and complications that need to be handled properly in order for you to get the results you need.

At Wolfe Law Tampa PLLC, I understand the legal complications involved with construction liens. I have been handling a range of construction litigation matters for more than 20 years in Tampa, Florida, and I can get you the results you need.

Construction Liens

A construction lien is a claim against a property or owner. It is filed by a contractor who has not received payment. Basically, a lien is a legal right that serves to make sure the property owner fulfills an obligation. In construction liens, the obligation is usually payment for work rendered on the property.

The filing of a lien or defending against a lien is no simple matter. With decades of legal experience, I can help protect your interests and get the results you need.


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