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Sunpass Toll Processing Backlog Leaves Florida Drivers Gridlocked

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Commercial Law |

Sunpass Toll Processing Backlog Leaves Florida Drivers Gridlocked

If you have driven on Florida roads, chances are you have used Sunpass. The state’s extensive network of highways, byways and thoroughfares are ripe with toll-roads and pay-to-drive access routes – many of which accept Sunpass.

Are you a Sunpass customer?

The the familiar, sunny logo is a nearly ubiquitous sight throughout much of the state’s highway and interstate markers. With the majority of toll station converted to an automated system, FDOT has touted the ease and accessibility of Sunpass for Florida drivers.

If you have a Sunpass account or have used it before, it seems pretty simple right? You load a certain amount on your pass — or set up automatic account deductions — attach the pass on your car’s windshield and you’re off and breezing through those tolls worry-free!

Well it turns out you may have some cause to worry after all.

Cause for concern

It’s recently been discovered that Conduent State & Local Solutions, the processing company contracted to manage the Sunpass system, has a massive backlog of of unprocessed tolls. The backlog, potentially affecting thousands of Florida drivers, goes back months and represents millions in tolls.

Although FDOT is currently waiving late fees and penalties relating to the processing back-jam, there seems to be no immediate resolution. Meanwhile, Florida drivers are concerned that they are going to get hit with hefty toll sums after the dust settles.

It seems, too, that Conduent State & Local Solutions is no stranger to poor performance and public ilk. The contractor has operated toll systems in various states throughout the southeast and has a similar track record to the current Sunpass debacle.

This is not some new issue they are experiencing – it is a chronic issue of mismanagement, neglect and deceit. If you believe you are the victim of unprocessed tolls or undue late fees and penalties, contact our team. We are currently looking into filing a class action lawsuit against Conduent State & Local Solutions.