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Workplace Injuries: Power Plant Accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Commercial Law, Construction Law, Personal injury |

Workplace Injuries: Power Plant Accidents

A TECO power plant in Apollo Beach is the focus of scrutiny after an accident caused injury to workers, in some cases resulting in death. The incident has stirred widespread public attention and many are raising concerns that lawmakers and regulators need to take action.

TECO Powerplant Accident

If you’re a Tampa Bay resident, then you are probably aware of the most recent power plant accident that resulted in the the death of four employees. On June 29th, six workers at the TECO Big Bend power station experienced severe burns when the tank they were inspecting malfunctioned and gushed molten slag on them.

This was a tragic and unfortunate occurrence. It resulted in severe injuries and the death of four employees and serious injury to another two.

Preventing Power Plant Accidents

Unfortunately, power plant accidents are a major factor in workplace injuries. TECO specifically, has been the subject of increased scrutiny stemming from this most recent incident. A Tampa Bay Times article from July 8, 2017 reports that TECO accounts for almost half of all power plant deaths in Florida.

The data in the Times article should be raising some eyebrows. Workplace injuries and death that occur at power plants happen all too frequently. And according to the report, except in the event of a major catastrophe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) largely leaves safety regulations up to corporate oversight.

This makes it especially important for power plant employees and administrators to make sure that safety standards are met and procedures are intact.

Avoiding Workplace Injuries

If you work in a power plant, take steps to ensure your safety.

  • Report any mechanical malfunctions or safety hazards immediately. Also, follow up with supervisors on previously reported claims.
  • Follow all safety procedures on the job site. Address additional safety concerns with your supervisors
  • Does your plant of emergency contingency plans in place? Do they run regular emergency systems checks?

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